A complicated web of events was involved in positioning the Joker as the head of criminality in Gotham City. He began with a single website that immediately went viral, and soon was monitoring mob activities and even infiltrating MCU secret operations before making his grand entrance.

The following are the main branches for investigations that we have opened, using information compiled in a "Wiki" organized by the online conspirators themselves.

The Joker

The Joker's brazen bank robbery in mid-July 2008 was not his initial introduction to the public.

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Harvey Dent

His meteoric rise may not have prepared him for the realities of working in Gotham's justice system.

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The vigilante's motivations may be virtuous, but the actions of the people he has inspired are concerning.

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Despite our best efforts to clean up the system, it is alarming how penetrable our establishment was to outside tampering.

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