Gotham Cable News

June 16, 2008

Have You Spotted Batman in Your Neighborhood?

We want your Batman pics. We just can't cover the entire city with GCN photographers, so we're asking for citizens to submit their photos.

Whenever news breaks, GCN is there. We've covered all the news you care about — from traffic tie-ups to police chases to scandal at City Hall.

One news target is proving elusive — Batman. Everyone is talking about him — the cops, the criminals, even the kids on the playground seem to know all about this mythical hero.

But the infamous crusader seems to be quite camera-shy. In fact, GCN news operatives have not yet snapped one usable shot of this controversial Gotham figure.

That's why we need to ask you, the citizens of Gotham, for help. Keep a lookout for the familiar dark silhouette of Batman. Remember to carry a camera — digital, film, cell-phone, or video — on your person at all time.

As Gotham City has learned, you can never know when Batman will decide to emerge from wherever he lurks between interventions.

We'll post the best ones here on GCN. So get your flashlights out and start circling the block, because Batman is out there — you just have to find him.