May 2007

11 becomes active
17 is found linked to
Defaced Joker cards are found stamped with "I believe in Harvey Dent too! Hahahaha!"
19 21
Photo at replaced with a "Page not found" error containing a hidden message

July 2007

At San Diego Comic-Con, "Jokerized" $1 bills found leading to with meeting instructions for 10AM PDT
Scavenger hunt at San Diego Comic Con, directed through and running through the downtown area. Rewards for participation includes evidence and teaser film
30 shut down to redirect to, which contains a hidden tease

October 2007

17 reactivated with Halloween theme - a pumpkin lit with an animated candle which slowly decay
After the pumpkin and candle decay for the previous few weeks, updates at midnight with ground exercise

November 2007


From instructions at, Joker followers submitted photos of letters from 49 US locations, revealing a motto: "The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules." Rewards were new Joker photo, audio message, and new activity:, a Joker lookalike photo contest, with a submission deadline of midnight, November 17
At the deadline, updated with a tease of rewards coming in the mail
21 23
The Gotham Times is digitized at Based on content within the articles, the following sites were found:,,,,,,,,,, and
  27   30 tipsters receive a call from a corrupt cop, divulging the existence of a document eventually found on (SID)
Under Glenn Barhyte's SID login, Clearance request (IA8214299) and Memo (IA6142137) revealed an upcoming sting operation at Betty's House of Pies on December 1 at 3PM EST, to be streamed on
A new clue at revealed a puzzle at Solving the puzzle led to

December 2007

Audio stream of the sting operation at Betty's House of Pies commences at 3PM EST. A shootout occurs when GPDIAD officer Glenn Barhyte attempts to arrest officers Karl Breitup and Jason McCree, and Breitup is killed
2 3
Email clue from leads to, containing a countdown to 12PM EST on December 4
Carnival-themed scavenger hunt revealed on, urging followers to pick up cakes (containing cell phones) at 22 bakeries across the US. Two rewards: a poster and registration for a short film screening at 5 IMAX locations
Screenings dates for the short film, depicting a Joker-led bank robbery
9 14 found by decoding a message on a Joker poster. It hints at the release of new "trailer" December 16
16 updates with download link to another short propaganda film

January 2008

14 24
Small black ribbon added to

February 2008

29 updated with campaign registration area

March 2008

7 changed to campaign effort page, encouraging supporters to upload photo/video showing their public support efforts. Supporters were also called by Harvey Dent
11 12
Dent supporters receive voter registration cards. New email from IBIHD campaign
First Dentmobile stops. Attendees pick up free campaign items at each location
Select participants receive Fedex packages of Dent campaign materials
Email from Dent campaign
Paper copies of The Gotham Times are received by Dent supporters, announcing Dent's candidacy for Gotham DA,,,,,,,,, updates with news about Dent's candidacy. Corresponding email from Dent campaign

March 2008 (cont'd)

28 updated. Solving the puzzle led to taunting messages from the Joker and no new information
Joker phones called and given clues, leading to The site indicates an April 1 "departure"
Harvey Dent calls his supporters regarding smear charges, leading to and (with voicemails). updated
IAD-2200 (1A176495U) found through voicemail from Albert Rossi to Joseph Candoloro,,
Dent supporters begin receiving packages from containing a burnt Dent pin

April 2008

1 updated with a scavenger hunt assignment at bowling alleys around the world. MCU infiltrated the last step and recruited numerous online players as C.I's. The winners on the ground received bowling balls and cell phones.
Voicemails for Joseph Candoloro and Albert Rossi,,,,
3 4 becomes active
Notaro wiretap (IA8234971), Bank statement (IA8376121), and DNA (IA8388555) implicate the mob in a GPD coverup
Voicemail for Joseph Candoloro and Albert Rossi implicates both (and Frank Notaro) for involvement in Dent smear campaign
Email from Dent campaign. updates with news about live press conference to be streamed on April 13,, and updated, the latter of which leads to:
Voicemails for Joseph Candoloro and Albert Rossi, the latter of which leads to Frank Notaro's voicemail
Reminder email from Dent campaign about press conference, streamed on at 3PM EDT. It is cancelled when Notaro takes hostages at Rossi's Deli. Stream depicted police action, concluding with Dent peacefully ending the situation,,, and Birthday special at Rossi's Deli encouraged customers to phone in orders. Audio was collected into SID released on April 15
Voicemails for Gotham Cab, and Albert Rossi. Rossi's voicemail records the carbombing that set off Notaro

April 2008 (cont'd)

Rossi's Deli wiretap (MCU3932571) was found via a clue in Barhyte's email
Voicemail for Joseph Candoloro reveals he plans to flee Gotham
16 18
Dent supporters called with a push poll survey attacking Dent, with a hidden message requesting CCFABG cops to leave Gotham
Delos C.I.'s receive emails from Jim Gordon requesting their participation in an upcoming sting operation
Voicemail for Candoloro reinforces the push poll request
Gordon orders Delos C.I.'s to participate in Operation Slipknot to catch 30 CCFABG cops. They call Gotham Intercontinental Hotel and request each officer's care packages be forwarded to them instead
Through voicemail, "Iceman" promises to take down Candoloro
Successful Slipknot callers receive their intercepted care packages and submit the relevant information to catch 27 of the 30 CCFABG officers. The informants are rewarded with a phone call from Gordon, while all C.I's receive an email
Slipknot informants receive text from, leading to, which contains a countdown to April 28 as well as a new photo
25 updates with instructions to meet at 12 cities
28 updates with new scavenger hunt using online help. Ground players were rewarded with propaganda film (and Jokerized reel), while online players were rewarded with a game: The reward is, which promises a download on "Sunday," May 4

May 2008

4 updates with download for film shown on the ground during

June 2008

Email from Dent campaign, with corresponding updates to,,,,,,, and
Joker phones sent puzzle images. When solved, a Domino's pizza promotion on June 16 is indicated
Comcast subscribers can watch Gotham Tonight's first episode, where host Mike Engel announces Dent as the new DA
New issue uploaded to is discovered through an ad in the paper
  16 updated with free pizza promotion, where CFB items were sneaked in with the pizza. Based on notes found in some pizza packages, the secret forum CFB Underground is discovered updated with first episode of Gotham Tonight, and a new subsection requesting photos/videos of Batman updated by the Joker with link to, containing clip of a heavily-scarred Dent
New thread in CFB Underground welcomes new members obtained through the free pizza promotion

Joker phone owners contacted with puzzle leading to Solving it leads to, a security video feed
20 updated with new articles and Batman sightings
Operation Slipknot participants receive email from Jim Gordon

June 2008 (cont'd)

Second episode of Gotham Tonight uploaded to
From information from Gotham Tonight, is found is updated

Joker phones were sent a complex image puzzle, leading to, an online carnival balloon game. Beating it led to a note from the Joker implicating his involvement in the murder of two Maroni goons
The clip at is removed and replaced with a hidden message
27 updated, while the third and fourth Gotham Tonight episodes became available to Comcast subscribers
Brian Douglass Investigative Document (IA2364783290) is found through a clue in Gotham Tonight (ep. 4)
Pasquale's Bistro wiretap (MCU4735119) found through email from Gordon to Barhyte, which witnesses the Joker-alluded abduction/murder of the Maroni goons.
New email in Barhyte's account imply MCU filer "Atoz" (a.k.a. CFB's Brian Douglass) is becoming frustrated with his job
New thread at CFB Underground reveal that CFB founder Brian Douglass has joined the group to become a vigilante
GCN Batman Sightings submitters receive promotional materials from Citizens for Batman, which allude to an event on July 8. A countdown timer is then added to, counting down to 10PM EDT on July 8 updated with checklist, archiving all events and websites. It also indicates three more tasks to accomplish

July 2008


Joker phone owners contacted with clues leading to, a word puzzle. A game of operator between phone owners helps solve it, eventually leading to, containing a vandalized Batman photo
On the CFB forums, Brian Douglass requests help looking for a software key from an invoice number. Email from Gordon to Barhyte leads to, which contains a tracking service, fulfilled by clues in a new update on The software key, entered into an updated revealed two locations for the July 8 events: NYC and Chicago
CFB videos submitted to uploaded as a montage to YouTube by BriDog72 (presumably Brian Douglass)
Fifth episode of Gotham Tonight available to Comcast subscribers

Joker phone owners contacted with a word puzzle, leading to Solving it eventually leads to, depicting a bomb counting down to 10PM EDT July 10
8, webmail of the bank's manager, is found through information through smuggled GNB deposit slips in a DVD package. Information from the package also leads to
The CFB events begin at 10PM EDT, involving a scavenger hunt and culminating in Batsignal displays at NYC and Chicago

The bomb at goes off, causing "Jokerization" of nearly every site in the investigation, including NYC/Chicago Batsignals. Solving a puzzle on select vandalized sites leads to, registration for film screenings of the Joker's magnum opus at 24 IMAX locations updated with news of Glenn Barhyte's death. Updates on CFB's forums and CFB Underground reveal Barhyte was killed by drug dealers in a failed CFB vigilante mission
Joker phone owners receive call from Joker containing clips from the investigation, culminating in the news of robbery at GNB
Sixth episode of Gotham Tonight, interrupted by news of GNB robbery, uploaded to
14 updated with audio of phone call from July 11
Screening date of Joker's magnum opus, showing Joker's terrorist rampage across Gotham while breaking its heroes
New Updated To players Website Email Phone Physical evidence Ground exercise Audio Film Photo Clue SID