Citizens for Batman


March 26, 2008 was the official website for a group of ordinary Gotham citizens who got together in support of Batman, as referenced in the second issue of The Gotham Times. Despite their innocuous mission statements, GPD could not help but notice the militaristic style of the website.

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April 1, 2008

A new update was added to the News section:

April 9, 2008

Four new updates were added to the News section:

June 9, 2008

An update was added to the site's introduction:

New updates to the News section:

GCN promotion

June 30, 2008

When GCN solicited their viewers for Batman photos and video, some GCN employees who were also CFB members took it upon themselves to send CFB promotional materials to the participants.

The venture is detailed further here.


April 9, 2008

The forums went online shortly after the site's launch. Only a small number of the site's visitors became registered members, but all the forum threads were available to read.

GPD has archived all of the investigation-relevant threads here.

All of the threads can be read on the CFB site mirror.


"Rossi's Deli" was listed as a former meeting place on the CFB website. The deli's website was discovered in turn.