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  • Joker cards - every player at each location received a Joker card at the end of the exercise.
  • Jokerized film reel - in a raffle, one player per location received a vandalized reel of the short film that was screened.


From Whysoserious.com/itsallpartoftheplan

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From Whysoserious.com/itsallpartoftheplan and Happytrails (online)

The following was screened to players on the ground for the Whysoserious.com/itsallpartoftheplan exercise at various movie theaters. It appears to be the third trailer showing Harvey Dent and Batman considering the price of fighting Gotham's crime, and the Joker:

In addition to the original film, one participant per location also received a film reel, which the Joker had vandalized throughout. Numerous participants attempted to screen these reels later, but a digital copy was finally found as an easter egg in the Blu-ray compilation of the Joker's magnum opus. (Enter the numbers 56537 while playing Trailer #3 on disc 2).

The following are notes and observations from the Chicago reel. Comparisons between the NY, Chicago, Dallas, and London reels show that the vandalism was basically identical between each reel, although the order of particular scenes sometimes differed slightly.

  • "MPAA" replaced by "THE JOKER" on the preview screen
  • Numerous colored scribbles and swirls over the film
  • "JUMP!" scribbled beside Batman as he stands at a tall building ledge
  • HA HA HAs over the opening credits
  • Joker faces drawn on overexposed film
  • Joker face painted on Jim Gordon
  • Joker face painted on Harvey Dent
  • Bat ears and smile painted on Bruce Wayne
  • Arrows pointing to the Joker
  • "ME ME ME" around the Joker
  • "CHAOS FUN" written over the funeral riot scene
  • Joker face over the hospital explosion scene
  • "#1" beside the Joker card
  • Bullseye drawn over underexposed aerial Gotham shot
  • "Oops" scratched into the film
  • "Boring part" written over Harvey Dent introduction dinner scene
  • Bruce Wayne, Rachel Dawes, and Harvey Dent's faces scratched out
  • Opening credits spliced in out of order
  • Heart around Rachel w/ Jokerized face
  • "HUBBA HUBBA" drawn over Rachel (scene spliced in out of order)
  • "MAMAS BOY" written over Bruce Wayne's face
  • A few sections with "CUT THIS" written over
  • A section with the film horizontally cut and pasted back together
  • "KNIFE" and a knife drawing over several frames of scribbled white film
  • Glasses drawn on Alfred
  • Spliced-in scenes of Joker implying he's one of Rachel Dawes's "psychotic ex-boyfriends"
  • "LOL" written over scribbles and a black screen
  • "HA HA HA" written in the bank robbery scene
  • "BIG SMILE" written over a car explosion
  • Vertical flipping of the Batman-Joker interrogation scene
  • Heart drawn over Rachel Dawes
  • "CUT RACHEL" animated backwards over the party scene
  • "JOKER", "LONER", then "CUT" written over Batman
  • "OH NO!" written over an explosion
  • An arrow pointing down as Joker pushes Rachel Dawes off a ledge
  • "I'M SAD" and "I NEED TO LAUGH" written over un-masked Batman
  • "ZZZZZ" written over Harvey Dent's press conferece
  • "DORK" written backwards over Harvey Dent
  • "BURN" over Joker burning piles of cash
  • Lightsaber drawn over Joker's knife
  • Yellow swirly exhaust drawn coming from the Tumbler
  • "KABOOM" and scribbles drawn over the semi flip
  • "CHEER UP" written over Batman on wreckage
  • "WHEE" written over the zipline scene
  • "DO IT!" and "YEAH!" written over Gordon smashing the Batsignal
  • "...better class of criminal" changed to "...better clown"
  • Long green hair drawn on Joker leaning out the car window
  • An arrow following the liquid spilling out of the barrel
  • "HA HA HA" written beside a screaming Harvey Dent
  • A Batsymbol drawn between Joker's hands, which smashes as he claps
  • "GO AWAY" and "PARTY POOPER" written over Batman riding the Batpod
  • "READY" written over Joker firing the RPG
  • "BOOOOM" as a car explodes behind the Tumbler
  • "MY HERO" written over a scarred Harvey Dent holding a gun
  • "CUTE BIKE AWW" written over the Batpod
  • "BLAH BLAH" written over Harvey Dent giving his dialogue
  • "YAY!" written over Gordon smashing the Batsignal (spliced out of order)
  • Yellow poops drawn falling from a gliding Batman
  • "THE JOKER" and "HA HA HA HA HA" and a Joker face written over The Dark Knight credits
  • "I'M LAME" written over Batpod footage (spliced out of order)
  • The A circled to create "THE DORK KNIGHT"
  • "RICH PEOPLE SUCK" over Bruce Wayne mentioning the Lamborghini
  • Drawing of a bomb exploding over white film
  • A bullseye drawn over the Lamborghini
  • "TARGET PRACTICE" written over Bruce Wayne driving the Lamborghini
  • Additional spliced-in scene of car explosions
  • "FUN TIMES" and "ANARCHY BEGINS" written over the opening date
  • Spliced-in and vertically flipped scene of the Tumbler jumping over an explosion