November 27, 2007

Using an email from and the love tester on as a word puzzle, mausoleum was spelled, leading to

The puzzle

The site features the image of a large safe, and a note:


In the note, blood splatters partially cover the letters E I T M O R F F F A T Y. Rearranging these letters results in the phrase "Time for Taffy." In the article "City At War" in the first issue of The Gotham Times, it is mentioned that Maroni lieutenant Johnny "Taffyface" Linata was killed at 7:38AM.

When the participant changed their computer clock to read 7:38AM, the safe could be opened, revealing a note rewarding their creativity:


After clicking on the reward note, several items in evidence are revealed.

On the evidence bag, the victim named, Susan Swalthammer, is the woman suing Batman for damage to her car while he was foiling an attempted carjacking by Frederick Alder. Frederick Alder was revealed to have been murdered in a subsequent Joker puzzle.

Other items include a crumpled $1 bill, crumpled $5 bill, a quarter, a penny, a folding pocket knife, Jake Karnassian's ID for the Gotham Unified School District, a black leather wallet, a set of keys on a caribiner, and a Lifesaver mint.

A modified version of the evidence safe turns up in a later puzzle,, where Karnassian's ID is clearly taken.