The Gotham Times

Overview: During our investigative period, The Gotham Times recorded the exploits of Batman and the spread of support for him.

City At War

After Carmine Falcone was thrown out of power in 2006, various mob groups fought each other to gain control of the city, with innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, culminating in a violent bloodbath on Thanksgiving.

Arrest or Embrace?

In the light of Batman's successful vigilante exploits, politicians call for his arrest while also recognizing his positive effects on the city.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Even as criminals change their tactics to avoid Batman, some Gotham citizens acknowledge that things have gotten better.

Batman Stops Mob Melee

Just as in Thanksgiving, innocent civilians found themselves trapped in the violence as gangs settled their differences at the Djepelgesh Festival.

Arrest Batman - just not yet

The newspaper's editorial staff acknowledge the good that Batman is doing, while also recognizing that the city must uphold its own laws if it's to keep order.

"Citizens for Batman" Make T-Shirts, Lobby City Hall

The first Citizens for Batman meeting attracts more than 100 people, as they vow to drum up more support.

Batman: Savior or Menace?

Even as Harvey Dent wins the District Attorney election in spectacular fashion, Batman steals the headlines as he apprehends several voter intimidators, and the "Save Batman" proposition is struck down.

Police Suspect Citizens For Batman "Hiding Vigilantes"

GPD highly suspect that Citizens for Batman members are encouraging each other to engage in illegal and dangerous vigilante activities.