Laugh Til It Hurts


June 19, 2008

From a text message clue sent from, was found. The site is a carnival spin game.


There are 4 clown figures on cars with flashing lights set on a track: Player 1-3, and "You". The track lights up as each figure progresses across the screen.

The player clicks on the "Spin" button when the ball in the "Skill Shot" bar is near the "Max" end, which gets the spinner going. The closer to the maximum, the more turns around. If you don't get the spinner at least one turn around, a sign will pop up prompting you to do so.

The spinner arrow falls on a number, and "your" figure progresses however many lights. The other figures move as well.


To solve the puzzle, the player needed to click on the spinner's colors in the following order:

This leads to a ticket being spit out of the slot.

It is unclear how this game was originally solved.


Clicking on the ticket leads to