Call to action

Overview: Shortly before Halloween, the Joker began another mysterious recruitment exercise, posting the image of a jack o' lantern holding a burning candle. For weeks, site visitors watched as the candle melted (and the pumpkin rotting in turn) until it finally burned itself out, at which point the site changed to another on-the-ground assignment. This time it was nationwide, with the Joker requesting photos at notable landmarks in major cities around the country to advertise his motto. Once the game was finished, it led to a Joker look-a-like group photo contest, with the Joker distributing more of his propaganda as prizes, as well as a direct method of communication.

The abettors appear to have named the pumpkin Rory, in tribute to some unknown individual (possibly a leader), with the Joker acknowledging this with the photo contest website Rory's Death Kiss. The implications of this are undoubtedly disturbing.

The preliminary GPD report is attached, as well as an evidence record.



October 17, 2007 was brought back online for the first time since the convention recruitment exercise. This go-round it had a Halloween theme - a single pumpkin lit by a candle, with its mouth carved in the shape of a bat.

Each day, the animated candle slowly melted, with the right half (the pumpkin's left) appearing to rot.


October 31, 2007

On Halloween, the pumpkin teaser page was replaced with a puzzle page containing 49 clues to different locations, documented here.