October 31, 2007

After the "49 locations" game on Halloween , the participant was redirected to the website which contained a note:

Rory's Death Kiss instructions


November 1, 2007

Upload photo form

The instructions page was updated with a photo upload link, informing partipants that submissions were accepted until November 17, claiming that:

Addresses were also requested by the Joker:

November 2, 2007

The front page was updated to show catalogues with submitted photos, in 3 categories for person count: "Clown Car 1-10", "3 Ring Circus 7-20", "Over the Big Top 20+".

Gallery catalog


November 13, 2007

Even before the submission deadline, packages were received by persons who submitted highly-rated photos. Velvet bags arrived in a large envelope, each containing clown makeup kits, Joker cards, and a note from the Joker

  • Package
  • Bags
  • Kits and card
  • Note

November 15, 2007

It was reported that Moses Roberts (a.k.a. MosesMonster), the user who submitted the highest-rated +21 photo, received a large box containing 23 clown masks, along with a note from the Joker:

  • Moses's box
  • Moses's box
  • Moses's note
  • Clown mask

November 18, 2007

At midnight, a new note appeared below the collection of submitted images, hinting at the next update being shortly after Thanksgiving and to watch for mail.

Joker's Thanksgiving note

November 21, 2007

There were reports of a final package, which include a copy of the first issue of The Gotham Times. The Joker was still not finished, adding another clue in the paper in the form of a corrected classified ad - his personal email address ( from which he would send numerous clues for future games.