The Gotham Times (issue 3)

News of Harvey Dent's comeback and win sparked lively discussion in the news media.

Batman: Savior or Menace?

Batman subdues several thugs intimidating Dent voters at the polls.

The Making of Harvey Dent

The Times outlines Dent's life as he ascends to the office of District Attorney.

Landslide Win for Harvey Dent

Overview on the Dent campaign and details of the election.

Largest Vote in City History

The Dent campaign's efforts to register voters pays off, with a record-breaking number of absentee votes.

Harvey Dent: A New Day for Gotham?

The Times's editorial staff pool their support behind the new DA.

Grassroots Campaign Revolutionizes Gotham Politics

An earnest grassroots Dent campaign energizes politics among Gotham citizens.