Out of Time


November 30, 2007

Whysoserious.com/outoftime was the solution to Whysoserious.com/theperfectgetaway. The site featured a congratulatory note from the Joker:

Clicking on the note led to a photo of a dead body in a morgue. The tag on the corpse's toe identified it as Frederick Alder, the would-be carjacker who was foiled by Batman, as noted in The Gotham Times.

Also noted in the article, Alder was hospitalized for his Batman-inflicted injuries, but he died from asphyxiation, which was unrelated to the attempted carjacking.

GPD suspects that the Joker may have employed Alder's services to target Susan Swalthammer, who had access to Gotham's power grid. Considering that he was able to shut off power remotely during his terorrist activities in 2008, the Joker was able to gain access to the power grid without Alder's help. Finding Alder rather useless, the Joker may have murdered him for his failure.