Crime Victim Sues Batman For Loss Of Car

A carjacking victim whose attacker was caught by Batman has sued the maverick crime-fighter for "reckless destruction of property." The legal battle emerged from one of Batman's more controversial interventions in Gotham.

Susan Swalthammer, 45, a top-level civil servant with Gotham's Power Department, was driving her convertible home when she was accosted at the intersection of Briggs and Downey in Center City. The unlucky con, Frederick Alder, 18, of Old Town, jumped into the car and sped off. Witnesses report that almost instantaneously, Batman came out of the sky and snatched the criminal, leaving the car to crash into a lightpole.

The victim said that she was happy justice had been done but said that Batman had caused the destruction of her car and should be liable. The lawsuit caps off one of Batman's less auspicious crime-fighting episodes. Alder was admitted to the intensive care unit with multiple injuries after the incident, leading District Attorney Garcetti to call Batman a "dangerous vigilante who is performing extra-judicial abuse." With this lawsuit, perhaps Batman would like to entirely forget this incident in favor of his other, less controversial crime-fighting endeavors.

It is not clear how exactly Batman will be notified of the lawsuit, since authorities do not know the identity or whereabouts of the mysterious caped crusader.


The would-be carjacker Frederick Alder was later seen dead at the end of one of the Joker's games, but was found asphyxiated, not having died of his Batman-inflicted wounds. It has been determined by the GPD that he was working for the Joker and was murdered for failing in his mission.