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Arkham Asylum Commission Report To Be Released

A spate of committees, investigations, and bi-partisan probes were established shortly after the Narrows Attack. This week, the Arkham Asylum Commission Report will be released. The Commission, made up of psychology professors, medical doctors, and Health Department officials, has been looking into the question of how Dr. Jonathan Crane was able to test his Fear Toxin on patients at the facility without detection. A preliminary report issued three weeks ago blamed "institutional breakdowns in the rudiments of basic patient care" and warned several high-ranking Arkham Asylum officials that they might face criminal charges.

City Fights To Keep Gotham Gladiators From Leaving

British industrialist Sir Walter Randolph Jones' threat to move the Gotham Goliaths football team to Maryland has set off a legal dustup. Mayor Garcia has issued a counterthreat, saying that Jones will be sued for breach of contract if he makes any step to take the Goliaths away from Gotham. Jones was showered with tax benefits and millions of dollars of city-sponsored upgrades to Gotham Stadium when he brought the Goliaths back to the city. But Jones says falling attendance at home games and Gotham's growing reputation as a crime-ridden city veering on the edge of anarchy and mayhem has made staying in the city "simply untenable." Many observers feeling that Jones is simply angling for more tax concessions from a city that can't afford to lose one of its last tourist attractions.