Rash Of Clown Sightings Jolts Worried City

Gotham residents reported incidents of regularly-clothed people in full clown makeup appearing throughout the city. A spokesman for the Gotham Police Department told The Times that over 100 citizens called in to file a suspicious persons report. "We have no more information at this time. We will remain vigilant and attempt to track down the reason for this rash of unfortunate events," said Lt. Joshua Alpers of the GPD.

Many of these clowns have been sighted near important city buildings, raising the spectre of possible terrorism. The strange eruption of clown-sightings has fueled speculation of some unknown side effect of the Fear Toxin. The Health Department has issued a statement, saying that there is no link between the Fear Toxin and the urge to become a clown, but vow to study the incident reports and issue a formal analysis in the coming weeks.


The article is a reference to a Joker-requested activity in Rorysdeathkiss.com, where participants put on clown makeup and took photos of themselves with famous landmarks in their city.

Three photos are shown with the article, all from Rorysdeathkiss.com.