Bank statement (IA8376121)


April 6, 2008

From a clue sent from after submitting a corruption tip about Francis Notaro, more documents were found in the GPD SID under Glenn Barhyte's account. IA8376121 was one of them.


The document is a copy of Francis Notaro's bank statement. Many of the transactions involve luxury items, and there are multiple $10,000 deposits from a "JC," i.e. Joseph Candoloro.

Other transactions from a different number on the same account (presumably Notaro's wife) are frequent. These transactions are almost all for visits to a "Rape Victim's Support" group and a doctor that can be presumed to be in the psychiatric practice. There is also a large payment ($2,312) to Kinsly Travel, which suggests that Notaro planned to take his entire family out of Gotham.