March 26, 2008

From an article in the second issue of The Gotham Times, was found. As reported in the article, the site was a tabloid news site maintained by high schooler Zeke Dalwinter. He gathered news from various sources, and his site became a popular source of information and gossip for everyone in Gotham. Links on this page were added by the GPD to facilitate our investigation.

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Headline updates have been noted below.

Dent as Gotham's hope

March 30, 2008

  • (Photo of Harvey Dent) Can This Man Save Gotham?
  • Grass Roots Videos Propel Dent to Run! Is this what a Dent supporter looks like? (link to "You in Action" page on
  • Good Garcetti vs Nasty Garcetti

    Garcetti now:
    Acting DA Roger Garcetti vows to run "cleanest campaign in Gotham history" on the same day that Harvey Dent joins the race.

    Garcetti then:
    (DEC 14) Acting DA Roger Garcetti declares Harvey Dent guilty of murder in the Pie-Die incident where cop Karl Breitup died in a shootout. Money quote: "Dent became responsible for that man's death the first moment he decided to put lives at risk for a good video clip on the evening news."
  • [Dent] Vows to target mob big Sal Maroni
  • Is Roger Garcetti the world's most pissed-off boss?
  • Flash: Garcetti Vows "Clean Campaign" after He Accuses Dent of Murdering Police Officer
  • Elephantgate Escalates! Elephant Defense Fund accuses zoo of Vishnu-killing conspiracy!
  • Woman found dead in librarian's basement ...Developing
  • Sicko dentist pulls healthy teeth to decorate office wall
    Can this woman (Photo of Dana Worthington) swing the election?
  • The Karnassian family deaths: Did Jake do it?
  • Gotham "truthers" continue to insist that plane crash into Gotham Tower was terror
  • Grief: Spontaneous memorials arise for young Gotham actor Nick Adelaide
  • Sal Maroni closes down Shark & Dean Clothing, buys $30,000 worth of suits during lunch hour
  • Illegal drugs widespread in Arkham for less than street price!
  • Batman analysis reveals: Most likely to emerge between 10PM and midnight
  • Bruce Wayne's latest conquest: A hotel cocktail waitress?
  • Fear Toxin coverup? Leak says Health Department hiding cases....Developing
  • Father of slain girl Gina Tortericci seen at Citizens for Batman meeting
  • Gotham City finally Number 1! Highest suicide rate in country - hanging especially popular

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Possible Dent withdrawal

April 1, 2008

  • (Image of skydiver) Harvey in Free Fall!
  • Poll shows Harvey Dent in third place in DA race
  • Party elders ask Dent to resign post, withdraw from race "for good of Gotham"
  • Garcetti: "Let us pity Harvey Dent, not hate him"
  • Mayor Garcia: "Harvey Dent has shamed Gotham City"
  • City Hall janitor: "Harvey Dent tried to throw away incriminating evidence!"
  • Harvey Dent's last supporter -- his mom?
  • Gotham man killed by floor-cleaning robot!
  • Anti-Dent cops the "must-have guests" at top Gotham events!
  • Obese woman eats herself to death at New Paradise lunch buffet!
  • Crazed man escapes asylum, attacks and kills two pit bulls!
  • Dent supporters run for cover, withdraw endorsements
  • Gotham Bar Association moves to debar Dent!
  • Who is behind The Ha Ha Times?

Notaro attack ad hits

April 6, 2008

  • (picture of toast and Harvey Dent) Shock poll: Harvey at 9%
  • Times reporter Levine: "Media packrat" prepping exclusive Notaro interview?
  • New attack ad final death blow to Dent campaign?
  • Garcetti announces "anti-corruption platform"
  • Dent volunteer jumps off Dent HQ roof, kills self and passerby... "blood on his Take Gotham Back button"
  • Despair at Dent HQ as support plummets
  • RUMOR: Dent will withdraw from race tomorrow... Developing
  • Gotham Bar Association sets meeting to disbar Dent
  • Legal Lass Defends Dent
  • Clowns Against Dent?
  • Is police hero Frank Notaro the last cop Dent will ever persecute?
  • Ca-Ching! Garcetti raises $500,000 in one fundraising dinner! ...Menu: Chicken kiev, arugula with blue cheese and walnuts, asparagus
  • "Friend" comes to defense of Dent

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New websites

April 9, 2008

A rotating banner ad was added to the top of the page, advertising several Gotham-related websites, including,,, and and were new to the investigation.

  • (Photo of Harvey Dent) The end is near
  • Mystery press conference announced for Sunday...
  • Maiden source: Dent to quit DA job in exchange for leniency in sentencing...
  • Child asks for piggy bank back from Dent campaign - and the answer is no!
  • (Photo of adorable hedgehog) Husband kills wife with pet porcupine! "Blood and quills everywhere!"
  • GPD may replace pepper spray with "salsa spray"
  • Rumors spread that Dent will resign office, withdraw from race...
  • Garcetti sends out memo to staffers: "No gloating over Dent"
  • Internal Affairs deepens investigation into Dent scandal
  • Rumor: Cops Dent put in jail may be released
  • Is MCU big Jim Gordon in contact with Batman?
  • Fatty-copter! 1000-lb Gotham man helicoptered out of house
  • (Photo of Dentmobile campaign rally) The collapse of a dream: "We can't give these Dentmobiles away now"
  • 7-year-old boy explodes after eating matches, Chinese food!
  • GPD Internal Affairs source: evidence against Dent "overwhelming"

Pre-White Knight incident

April 13, 2008

  • (Photo of an office with IBIHD campaign materials strewn about) Shuttered!
  • Garcetti enjoys Dent collapse:"This campaign has been the most fun I've ever had!"
  • Can Worthington give Garcetti a run?
  • Rumor: Officer Frank Notaro will be "star witness" against Dent in coming trial
  • Is this the end? Dent "mystery press conference" Sunday
  • Fundraising collapses... "Dent donors are extinct"
  • Dent inner circle "in circular firing squad"
  • Dent headquarters closed for lack of payment
  • Garcetti books inauguration party locations!
  • Gotham citizens furious, ashamed they were "bamboozled" into supporting Harvey Dent
  • Source: "Dentmobiles" may have been paid for with illegal funds, driven by ex-cons
  • Rumor: Harvey Dent faces jail time for "prosecutorial misconduct"

Post-White Knight incident

April 16, 2008

  • (Photo of smiling young woman) Saved by Harvey Dent "He's my White Knight"
  • Woman weeps at emotional press conference, thanks Harvey Dent thru tears
  • Overheard: Dent said "I'm coming in. Nobody's gonna get hurt."
  • Defused hostage crisis at Deli after offering himself for woman
  • GPD: Crazed "smear cop" wanted protection for his family
  • Sources: Smear campaign "unravelling"
  • Harvey Dent rescues woman held hostage by "smear cop"
  • Heroic act of courage witnessed by millions of TV and radio viewers
  • Initial reports say crazed "smear cop" was coming clean about mob ties to smear campaign
  • WitessS: "It began as an argument, then a gunfight right there in the deli!"
  • Second victim Jonny Marinotti in critical condition
  • Witness: Notaro took woman hostage as cops arrived after shootout
  • Mike Engel: "A day Gotham can be proud of"
  • Deli-verance for Dent's campaign?
  • Rumor: Woman Dent saved was Garcetti supporter
  • Dent was close-by for scheduled press conference

Post-Operation Slipknot

April 24, 2008

MAR acquired

June 9, 2008

  • (Photo of money) Sell Out! Maiden Avenue Report Shut Down
  • Zeke Dalwinter hired by major media company
  • Story under blackout
  • Announcement to follow
  • Parents demand portion of pay for college fund