Garcetti Vows
"Cleanest Campaign in Gotham History"

Acting District Attorney Roger Garcetti vowed to run "the cleanest campaign in Gotham history" today at a press conference in City Hall.

The candidate used the opportunity to chastise main rival Harvey Dent for running a "vicious smear campaign" that attempted to "case aspersions on my integrity."

"One of my opponents has consistently spread rumors to the press questioning my integrity," Garcetti said, genteelly refusing to mention Dent by name. "These types of dirty tricks are not good for Gotham. I implore all of my opponents to follow my example and run a clean campaign focused on the issues."

Garcetti challenged his main opponents Harvey Dent and Dana Worthington to sign a "clean campaign pledge" that would prohibit campaigns from sending out negative direct mail pieces, smear e-mails, and relying on "destructive personal attacks" during the race.

Gotham politics have always been rough-and-tumble, but in recent years the attacks between candidates have become more and more vicious. Emails rumored to reveal an adulterous affair found on a hard drive belonging to candidate for Mayor Allan Fieldworthy derailed his campaign four years ago.

And just last year, City Councilman Sidney Vallencio lost his campaign for re-election when opponents presented what they called "Sid's longtime drug dealer" to the public.

Garcetti said he had faxed and mailed his "clean campaign pledge" to both Dent and Worthington and was "awaiting their response."

"I have a long history of service, and that is what I'm running on," said Garcetti. "Negative attacks have to stop, but that's all I hear from my opponents."

Initial reaction from Gotham's political watchdogs was positive to Garcetti's pledge. The Lady Voters of Gotham issued a press release endorsing Garcetti's clean campaign challenge, and asked all candidates to refrain from personal attacks. Gotham's Good Government Alliance also supported Garcetti's initiative.

Garcetti's advisors privately speak of their fears that Dent will run a "dirty campaign" that attempts to link the Acting District Attorney with corruption and organized crime.

"We hear insinuations over and over again from the Dent camp that somehow Garcetti is connected to the corruption Dent is claiming to root out," said Garcetti's media strategist Maureen Madgey. "It's the most vicious smear imaginable."

Dent spokesmen said that they were studying the pledge. Worthington representatives were not available for comment.