Gotham Cable News

Overview: As the actions of Citizens for Batman escalated in their daring, it did not go unnoticed by either the GPD or the news media.


District Attorney Roger Garcetti attempted to revive his lagging campaign by turning the spotlight on a Gotham group charged with illegal vigilante activities.

GPD liken Citizens for Batman to terrorists, who were "going to get themselves and innocent people killed."

Fellow officers, including Brian Douglass and Kevin Slatteronsky, reflect on Glenn Barhyte's life shortly after his death from gunshot wounds.

Conclusions for Batman investigation

Needless to say, the Batman does not condone the actions of his well-meaning followers. Around the same time the Joker made himself public, a group of CFB Underground members attempted to take down a dangerous group of drug dealers. Batman managed to thwart the meeting and apprehend all of the vigilantes.

Despite the stern warning from Batman himself, Douglass insisted on continuing his misguided crime-fighting mission and made the fatal mistake of going after the Joker. With the dangers of their activities made plain (and their ringleader killed on camera by the Joker), vigilante missions by Citizens for Batman members immediately ceased. However, we cannot underestimate the capabilties (and delusion) of Batman's ardent followers.