November 23, 2007

First introduced in The Gotham Times (issue 1), Wearetheanswer.org was a public website that encouraged ordinary Gotham citizens to report suspicious activity conducted by Gotham police officers.

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Using the "Submit Tip Now" link, visitors could enter information into the site's database. Offering any of the officers mentioned in The Gotham Times results in a reply updating the submitter on the progress of the current investigation:

Arnold Flass:

Commissioner Loeb:

Karl Breitup or Jason McCree:

Refer to leads

James Gordon:

Larry Coniglia:

Francis Notaro, if tip submitted on or after April 6, 2008:

Refer to leads

Phone call

November 30, 2007

Site visitors who submitted a phone number with their tip were called by someone who sounded like Jason McCree, threatening them if they "squeal." A rough transcript follows:

Refer to leads

A few minutes after the phone call was received, a mass email was sent from tips@wearetheanswer.org to participants:

* The "open investigation" involved an audio surveillance operation at Betty's House of Pies on December 1.