Francis Notaro

Gotham Police Dept
Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham


Francis ("Frank") Notaro was a decorated sergeant on the Gotham police force. He accused Harvey Dent of bribery as part of the mob organization Concerned Citizens for a Better Gotham's plan to undermine Dent's campaign. However, police documents reveal that he mistakenly killed an innocent to gain his award, and Gotham Times reporter James Levine disproved Notaro's claims about Dent. After his GPD partner was killed in a car bombing, the already-paranoid Notaro snapped and took hostages at Rossi's Deli. Fortunately, Harvey Dent was able to convince Frank to release his hostage and turn himself in to the police. Once in prison, Notaro began telling the police about the mob's involvement in the Harvey Dent smear campaign, publicly exonerating Dent and leading to Dent's landslide win as Gotham DA.