Clowntravelagency phone owners

The following is a partial list of participants who collected cell phones (presumably 28 worldwide) from the exercise. Each bowling ball was engraved with a name, which is indicated if available.

Location Name of owner Name of ball Originating forum
Atlanta, GA DrewHugs1 Bud SHH
Austin, TX UTLonghorns Dimples SHH
Chula Vista, CA Thomas R Stumpy BOF
Chicago, IL vlkers54 Moe SHH
Glendale, NY Ball sold on eBay, now Charleston, WV Lou  
Hong Kong SAR, PRC Darth Vader Lefty SHH
Kansas City, MO Poopfoot1980 Gus SHH
Lakewood, CO A True Joker Grouchy SHH
Las Vegas, NV bassboy616 Giggles SHH
London, UK sowasred2012 Mooch SHH
Madison, WI zerog270 Moe SHH
Midlothian, VA pierrotlefou Lou SHH
Omaha, NE Phalure Chuckles SHH
Paris, France Merkel('s cousin) Twitchy SHH
Philadelphia, PA the_robot_spy (thanks to Go Hero) Bud SHH
Phoenix, AZ HUM469 Kevin SHH
Portland, OR Radio Playhouse (radio station)    
Salt Lake City, UT dingleberry96 Sassypants Unfiction
San Francisco, CA takmai Twinkles SHH
São Paulo, Brazil Marcelo Forlani Scooter/Skipper Omelete
Seattle, WA stanimal Dopey SHH
Torrance, CA Spyder07 Baggy SHH