DNA (IA8388555)


April 6, 2008

From a clue sent from Wearetheanswer.org after submitting a corruption tip about Francis Notaro, more documents were found in the GPD SID under Glenn Barhyte's account. IA8388555 was one of them.



It is very clear from the DNA image that Richard Lukas Gould is not a match for the rape case. Slabotnik's DNA is a match if the image of the lane is flipped.

The main theory about this information is that Slabotnik is the rapist and is connected with the Chechen. The Chechens paid off a lab tech to clear Slabotnik, so the DNA evidence was tampered with and the report was written so that Gould was matched to the rape. Notaro, whose wife was a rape victim, finds out Gould was allegedly the rapist and kills him. He goes to Rossi for help, who covers it up and gets the investigation shut down.

However, when the investigation was in danger of being re-opened, it could have potentially uncovered all sorts of mob and Chechen ties to the Gotham police and political race.