Press conference/
Rossi's Deli hostage situation


April 9, 2008 was updated with news about a press conference to be streamed live on April 13. The video of Rachel Dawes endorsing Harvey Dent from was also added to the page with the caption "DAWES ENDORSES DENT!" A corresponding email was sent from the Dent campaign.

Pre-conference updates

April 13, 2008

Three hours prior, a reminder email was sent from Dent's campaign.

A reminder update was also added to

The home page also featured a Flash widget displaying the site visitor's connection to the streaming audio. It constantly changes to "weak," "fair" or "strong."


At 3 PM, instead of a press conference, the feed began with police officers discussing a hostage situation: Francis Notaro had taken a woman hostage at Rossi's Deli and was demanding witness protection for him and his family. As the police attempted to negotiate with Notaro, Harvey Dent arrived and exchanged himself for the hostage. Soon after, both men walked out and Notaro was arrested.

Later, it was discovered that Mary Breitup was found shot to death in the deli. Currently, there are no official suspects for that murder.


Immediately following the incident, an update was added to

April 15, 2008

A new update on