March 30, 2008 was the business website for Joseph Candoloro, the founder of, from which the site was found.

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March 30, 2008

By calling the number 1-866-626-8049 and entering in the correct PIN (1149, the price of "Joe's Favorite") on the menu at, one could access Candoloro's voicemail:

April 1, 2008

New message on Candoloro's voicemail, referring to the exercise on It also implies that "Giuseppe" is in fact Joseph Candoloro.

April 4, 2008

April 6, 2008

April 9, 2008

April 15, 2008

A few days after Frank Notaro started to speak out against on behalf of Harvey Dent:

April 18, 2008

Shortly before the initiation of Operation Slipknot:

April 23, 2008

Coinciding with Operation Slipknot:

April 25, 2008

New automated message:

This message was repeated three times before the line was automatically disconnected.


  • On June 20, the "Iceman" who detailed the rise and fall of the Dent takedown through numerous voicemails to Candoloro, was revealed to be Roger Garcetti, former DA, boss, and political rival to Harvey Dent.