Gotham Cable News

June 20, 2008

Garcetti Rumored to Turn State's Evidence

In a stunning turn of events, former District Attorney Roger Garcetti is rumored to have turned state's evidence in a corruption probe.

Garcetti, who was formerly reported to have been indicted in the probe, will form the lynchpin of Dent's case against purported mob kingpin Sal Maroni.

Sources say Garcetti is suspected in involvement in a corruption ring that reached into the upper reaches of City Hall and the battered police department.

Garcetti is said to have operated in mob circles with the codename "Iceman" and is purported to have played a major role in several criminal conspiracies.

"The extent of Garcetti's alleged involvement is a surprise, but not the fact that he had mob ties," said Walt DeFabrizio, long time Gotham political commentator. "Garcetti has been dogged by rumors of mob connections for years."

DeFabrizio said Garcetti may have turned state's evidence in an act of vengeance. "There's no way he's going to let himself get taken down. If turning state's evidence keeps him out of jail, he's going to spill the beans."

One source told GCN that Garcetti may have made connections with the mob while he served as legal counsel to the policeman's union.

Only time will tell whether those beans form a trail that leads to mob involvement in the GPD, kickbacks, bribes, money laundering, or any number of other crimes. But one thing is for certain — this is one mob trial that will certainly keep Gotham jumping for weeks and months ahead.