July 7, 2008

Text messages sent by led to, which depicts a Jokerized fortune telling machine.


Clicking one of the 24 buttons causes a ticket to come out of the slot. Each ticket has a fortune and a joke regarding each fortune from the Joker. Seven of the tickets also have rectangular cutouts in them. Lastly, each ticket has a number and a letter in the top left corner.


Top left:
Bottom left:
Top right:
Bottom right:


The ticket bank has this orientation (bold numbers are punched cards):

1--2--3--4--5--6    13-14-15-16-17-18
7--8--9-10-11-12    19-20-21-22-23-24

Noting the use of "Epyttnelis" ("SilentType" backwards) for the name of the fortune teller, the city map of Gotham, compiled by Superherohype poster "SilentType" using clues dropped by the Joker, was used for the next step in the puzzle.

Using the punched tickets overlayed over the Gotham city map such that each ticket covered two squares with the top left in its defined coordinate, the cutouts framed street numbers:

See detailed map tool here.

Following the order of punched cards from #1 through 24 as above...

 3 = 8G = 22nd
  5 = 3P =   1st
  9 = 6M =   5th
14 = 3L =  3rd
17 = 2F =  4th
21 = 5H = 17th
23 = 6E = 14th

After first clearing the buttons of all 24 tickets, the player has to click on the buttons in the position of the street numbers in the order shown above:


Doing so dispenses a ticket which leads to (a.k.a. "exit").


The webpage depicted the exit of a circus tent. Clicking on the image brings up 10 tickets with various icons depicted.

To win, the player has to select the four tickets that appeared upon beating the games at Laughtilithurts, Redballoons, Punkdrop and Bamboozle. The tickets are: school bus, alarm bell, duffel bag and vault door. Clicking on these four led to