CFB chat and video


July 8, 2008

At 3pm EDT, a chat site (where participating CFB members conversed among themselves) and a live feed were made available for both NYC and Chicago by clicking on the respective buildings shown in the countdown page.

Participants who gathered in each location received CFB paraphernalia (including shirts) and Gotham Times newspapers. At 10pm, they were given notes stapled to Domino's pizza boxes with a code word and directions to find a lockbox at another location.

The lockbox contained other instructions to find a 2-way radio at yet another location. Once the radio was found and the code word given, everyone was directed to another spot overlooking the Woolworth Building (NYC) and Sears Tower (Chicago). A Batsignal was then shown on the respective buildings.

Videos are posted below.



  • Video of the NYC signal turning on. Runtime: 00:43
  • Summary of the NYC adventure. Runtime: 08:27
  • News report of NYC event. Runtime: 01:20
  • Summary of the Chicago adventure. Runtime: 09:19


New York



July 10, 2008

Upon the Joker's "overture," the live feed on was reactivated, showing the Batsignal being reprojected on the Woolworth Building and Sears Tower. It then turned into a "Joker signal," with HAHAHA's projected along with the symbol's shape.

  • Video:

  • Sped-up video of the Jokerized NYC signal. Runtime: 00:47