July 30, 2007

When the game concluded, the webmaster added a large list of convention participants with their photos as well as an alias. After a few days, was shut down and the participant content was moved to, a fictional entertainment company.

The employee pictures are actually photos of the Comic Con participants in Joker makeup. Letters and balls flash, and a cheery circus sound file plays in the background.

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Hidden message

Like after it shut down, there are hidden "ha ha ha's" and and stray letters, this time in the site's source code.

After removing all the "HA"'s from the commented HTML code, the following message appears:


March 30, 2007

The Joker attempted to throw GPD off his trail by using recruiting@rent-a-clown for his cell-phone recruitment duties instead of humanresources@whysoserious. We consider this message part of the same investigation.