The Hahaha Times - Issue 1


November 23, 2007

From the first online issue of The Gotham Times, it was found that by mousing over an area in the top half of the first page, a rip would develop and reveal a bloodied wall with "HA HA HA" written on it. Clicking on the rip led to, which was updated with every new issue of The Gotham Times.

Click on the image to recreate the effect


November 23, 2007

Originally, a number of words and phrases were circled.

Gotham streets turned into
killed in
after midnight, attempting to
late last night, police
press conference
continue to take every
mob watches said the
his own political
protect Gotham citizens
the soaring crime rate
pater familias as
I lived through
even acknowledge that
up they were by
your email address and
of childhood never
Young, pretty, and full
their time selling the
home to these days?
by walking hours
their parents
look ahead
day that broke all of our
"But now, after the thefts, I look
to get in front of as
It's the space between
instead imported
cameras on him

When participants responded to the classified ad in the first issue of The Gotham Times, this reply encouraged them to find clues:

By adding the number of letters contained in each circle and replacing the group with a corresponding letter of the alphabet (i.e. 1 letter = A, 2 letters = B, etc.), the website was found.

November 30, 2007

A note with the words "THE PERFECT GETAWAY" was added to page 4, as shown in the screenshot above. This led to the discovery of