Personality Profile


November 23, 2007

This game was introduced in, and discovered via clues planted in the first issue of The Hahaha Times. The paper featured a number of circled words and phrases. By adding the number of letters in each circle and replacing that with a corresponding letter of the alphabet (ex: 1 letter = A, 2 letters = B, etc.), personalityprofile was spelled, alluding to



After completing the test, a modified love tester machine tells participants how they did on a scale of "Mime" to "A Scream," and offers the option to send the test to a friend, along with a farewell note.


As it turns out, the player can ensure "A Scream" result by clicking on two answers very quickly before the next question appears.

Love tester machine


November 27, 2007

This email was sent from

The answer was found by going to the personality profile love tester and using the clues from the email to count out a series of letters. This spelled mausoleum, which led to