March 30, 2008 was found after Harvey Dent called his supporters for help against damaging smear charges. It is the website of Concerned Citizens for A Better Gotham, an anti-Harvey Dent group. The page also contained an attack ad where GPD officers accused Dent of having innocent officers arrested to gain media publicity.

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Smear cops

The officers who appeared in the smear ad located at the top of the webpage were all later indicted in Operation Slipknot. button

March 31, 2008

Defaced Harvey Dent buttons with a sticker on the back reading "WWW.CCFABG.COM" were sent to Dent supporters in an unmarked padded envelope. The left side of Harvey Dent's face on the front of the pin was burned.

Notaro ad

April 6, 2008

An update went up, most noteworthy of which was a new smear ad featuring GPD Det. Sgt. Francis Notaro.

April 13, 2008