April 1, 2008

At the conclusion of the exercise, the congratulatory note from the Joker led to a new webpage on, at

The background of the home page appeared to be a bank of security screens, with camera views of Arkham Asylum, the Gotham Police Department, Gotham National Bank, and Wayne Tower.


The participant entered their name, phone number (no dashes or parentheses), and email address. Immediately after submitting the information, they were called.

When the phone call ended, a notice from the Gotham Police Department appeared on screen, verifying what Gordon had just stated over the phone.

Note: The police codes listed on the "Identity captured" screen represent:

  • 156.05 Unauthorized use of a computer
  • 156.10 Computer trespass
  • 156.27 Computer tampering in the first degree
  • 156.35 Criminal possession of computer-related material

Additional Developments

April 2, 2008

The collection of security images on the page was changed.