November 27, 2007

We surmise that Joker conspirators found this site via Jake Karnassian's employee badge in, which showed the Gotham Unified School District name and logo. The school's website is under investigation because the Joker's mode of escape during his 2008 terrorist activities was often a school bus. The fact that Karnassian's ID was taken may mean that the Joker was using it to gain access to the school district's buses.

Our investigation is ongoing. Further details are posted below.

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  • On November 30, an update was added to the homepage, which mentioned that Jake Karnassian was on hiatus. This may have been a coverup for the Joker's use of Karnassian's employee badge.
  • The special notice on the left bar mentioned the bus line being rerouted in District 22. During the summer of 2008, the Joker was seen escaping both the bank heist and Gotham General in a yellow school bus conspicuously marked "District 22." We suspect the rerouting was also a coverup perpetrated by the Joker to gain open access to the school buses of that district.
  • The sixth episode of Gotham Tonight, which became available on July 11, had a breaking news segment referring to the robbery of the Gotham National Bank. As mentioned in the June 20 update, there was a school field trip on July 11. This might explain how the Joker was able to escape the robbery within a line of yellow school buses, which were passing the bank after the aforementioned field trip.