Overview: Whysoserious.com was the principal hub for the Joker's online transmissions. It was first used to recruit co-conspirators at a popular comic book convention, and gave the call to disturb the public via a deranged Joker-look-a-like group photo contest. Numerous smaller carnival-like games were also published on the site, attracting more accomplices while the Joker passed along sensitive information and disturbing propaganda as rewards. The main paths from the site are outlined below.


Summer 2007

Fall/Winter 2007/2008

Spring 2008

Summer 2008


July 26, 2007

During the San Diego Comic-Con, vandalized $1 bills were distributed throughout the convention. These bills altered George Washington's picture to include red lipstick and blacked-out eyes (in a manner similar to the Harvey Dent photo on Ibelieveinharveydenttoo.com), as well as replacing "ONE DOLLAR" with "WHY SO SERIOUS?"

Using WHY SO SERIOUS as a URL led to a Joker henchman recruitment page. Initially, Whysoserious.com showed a vandalized Uncle Sam "I Want You" poster with a countdown to 10:00AM PDT, along with coordinates leading to a location in San Diego.