push poll


April 18, 2008

The following update was noted on

Using the capitalized word "source" as a clue, visiters found a commented-out note in the page's source code, underneath the latest entry:

Phone call

Subsequently, Dent supporters registered with received a call that turned out to be a push poll attacking Dent. Typing in 1-6-4-9-3-8 as the answers during the call resulted in a secret message:

The message referred to the attempted escape of the smear cops that was ultimately thwarted by Operation Slipknot.

Operation Slipknot

April 24, 2008

As Operation Slipknot threatened the escape of the officers, a new commented message was added to the source code:

Note: "gih" referred to the Gotham Intercontinental Hotel, where the officers were staying before their departure.