Additional Propaganda

Overview: The Joker had a hidden message displayed in a poster of himself that he distributed to movie theaters throughout the country. The website that was discovered led to another propaganda film.




December 13, 2007

The phrase "atasteforthetheatrical" (with the letters turned at various angles in red) was found at the bottom of a theater one-sheet poster depicting the Joker writing "Why so serious?" in blood on a pane of glass. The phrase led to


December 14, 2007 became active, displaying a Gotham Times classified ad for trailers, indicating the release of a new trailer on that Sunday (December 16).

December 16, 2007

At 8:28 pm (as indicated by "Room for 8 people, 28 if they're dismembered), the propaganda film was released. By clicking the "Download" sticker, the visitor was led to, which features the "trailer" and high-definition downloads of it.