The Gotham Times (issue 2)

The Harvey Dent campaign team drummed up followers by encouraging site visitors to go out and show their support for Dent, rewarding them with a campaign package complete with the second issue of The Gotham Times.

The following articles (with summaries) reference the beginning of Dent's campaign for District Attorney.

Harvey Dent joins race for Gotham DA

Dent officially announces his candidacy, while various political groups react.

Garcetti Vows "Cleanest Campaign in Gotham History"

DA candidate Roger Garcetti suggests a "clean campaign pledge" for all candidates to follow.

The question of Harvey Dent

The Times considers Dent's motives for his GPD anti-corruption probe.

Letters to the Editor

Gotham citizens offer their opinions on Harvey Dent.

Breitup Family Sues City

Karl Breitup's relatives file a multi-million dollar lawsuit for wrongful death in the "House of Dies" sting operation.

The Back Page: Lamb Chops with DA Garcetti

Roger Garcetti considers Dent's media savvy.