Pasquale's Bistro wiretap


June 27, 2008

From a new email in Glenn Barhyte's account, Jim Gordon mentioned document MCU4735119 regarding the murders of "Stevie and Romeo." The document, found in the SID under Barhyte's login, was a wiretap from Pasquale's Bistro, where both men arrived at the bistro to pick up their "package" and were confronted by two other men from rival gangs.

Audio and transcript

Conclusions for GPD investigation

With the kidnapping and murder of mob money goons Romeo Camera and Steve Rosolio, it's likely that the Joker acquired information about the amount of money held at Gotham National Bank, facilitating the robbery that touched off his rampage across Gotham.

Before these events, GPD was looking into Gotham National Bank for mob involvement, and the murders of Camera and Rosolio obstructed the investigation for a short time. However, the investigation continued and GPD was on the verge of indicting all the mob banks, but ultimately was sidetracked by the Joker's terrorist acts.