November 23, 2007

Through a mention at, was found by our online conspirators.

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A map was included at the top of the site, showing the location of the church. Another map file was linked to from the December calendar's caroling information.

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The site allows visitors to search church records.

Salvatore Maroni

By searching for mob boss Salvatore Maroni, it was discovered he was a witness to the marriage between GPD officer Larry Coniglia and Anna Marie Loverso. Searching for "Anna Marie Loverso" also brings up her baptism certificate.

Joseph Candoloro

On March 30, 2008, Joseph Candoloro's marriage certificate was found in the database. It reveals that he is married to Angela Rossi, and that the ceremony was witnessed by Albert Rossi.

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Albert Rossi

Searching for Albert Rossi brings up his baptism certificate:

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