CFB forum threads


April 9, 2008

The following are threads on the Citizen for Batman forums which GPD has deemed to be investigation-relevant, archived by thread name and date.

All of the threads and their posts can be read on the CFB site mirror.

Neighborhood Watch

April 10, 2008

Gina Tortericci

April 15, 2008

Note: From the information in the thread, it can be surmised that CFB member "AddolorarsiPapa" is John Tortericci, Gina Tortericci's father.

The Bat Clubhouse

April 20, 2008 (last post)

Note: A clue to Batfan73's identity helped solve the group's quandary the night the batsignals were to go up.

Gotham City Pizzeria

June 4, 2008

June 11, 2008

Free Josiah

May 20, 2008

Note: As per the GCN article regarding the incident, Josiah Horsian was a CFB member who attempted to intervene during what he took to be attempted robbery, and caused the mistaken robber to be shot in the shoulder. Horsian was arrested and charged with attempted manslaughter.

Brian Douglass

May 1, 2008

May 11, 2008

June 13, 2008

Gotham Cable News

June 26, 2008

June 27, 2008


June 29, 2008

July 3, 2008