Gotham Cable News

July 3, 2008

Police Tie "Citizens for Batman" with "Gotham Defense League"

GPD officials have uncovered evidence tying the "mainstream" leadership of Citizens for Batman with an underground group calling itself the Gotham Defense League.

CFB came under attack by city officials after a string of vigilante activities by its members. Facing investigation, CFB claimed it had purged the group of "hardcore elements."

Gotham Police long suspected CFB of being insincere about its purge. But now, they are more certain than ever that CFB is aiding and abetting a violent group of extremists within the group.

"CFB is the pretty face of a very ugly movement," said GPD spokeswoman Felicia Maria De La Inez. "Our investigation points to the existence of a reckless, angry group of vigilantes that are taking the law into their own hands."

According to one GPD official, the Gotham Defense League is "a bunch of radical mavericks who think they know better than the police. They are would-be thugs who are going to get themselves and innocent people killed. These people are terrorists in my opinion."

Citizens for Batman founder Brian Douglass assures GCN that "Citizens for Batman does not condone vigilante activity by its members.

"I formed this group so that everyday Gotham citizens had a way to publically express their thanks to the one man who really is standing up for them: Batman."

Douglass, however, admitted that "there was a group of members who wanted to actually participate in vigilante activities, but they have all been successfully purged. In fact, I haven't heard from most of them since, and I have no idea what they are up to." Douglass denied any knowledge of the Gotham Defense League.

GPD sources believe there may be online forums or gathering places where the hardcore elements of the Gotham Defense League meet, but they have not been able to crack their security measures.