Harvey Dent: A New Day for Gotham?

Despite Roger Garcetti's lifelong commitment to Gotham, newcomer Harvey Dent won a sizable victory in yesterday's election. Clearly, Gotham City demanded change and The Times hopes that Mr. Dent's actions in the weeks, months, and years ahead live up to his fiery rhetoric.

Mr. Dent has truly run a remarkable campaign. That's why The Gotham Times was happy to endorse this man, who harbors within him the makings of a historic district attorney. These are difficult times, and Mr. Dent has shown that he has the courage, the legal firepower, and the determination to bring down the network of crime and corruption that is threatening this city.

We believe that Mr. Dent will not disappoint the throngs of Gotham citizens that swelled around his movement to "take back Gotham." We are confident that he will continue his crusade to root out corruption in the GPD and take on the larger organized crime gangs.

This is a lot to ask of any politician, but Harvey Dent is no ordinary pol. He has shown remarkable bravery both in his previous prosecutions of corrupt cops and his noted participation in the hostage crisis that marked the turnaround of his campaign. Harvey Dent has earned the trust of this newspaper and the citizens of Gotham.

No man can do this alone, but Mr. Dent has shown that he has what it takes. He is known to surround himself with dedicated men and women who are unafraid, uncompromising and unwavering in their resolve to see our city return from the stark and dangerous place that it has become.

Have no doubt, there is much work to be done, and none of it will be easy. We urge everyone to continue their support for Mr. Dent as he takes office and begins the difficult, and possibly dangerous, road ahead. We believe he is the man who can, indeed, take back Gotham.