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Adoption Agency Pleads for Future of Breitup Orphans

Gotham Adoption Agency put out a "desperate call for help" for the children of Mary and Karl Breitup, both killed in separate mob-related incidents. Since Mary died in the Rossi's Deli hostage incident, her children Joseph, 8, and Andrew, 5, have been placed with Child Protection Services. "These children are living a nightmare," said GAA head Melinda Graten-Rutherford. "First they lose their Dad, then their Mom, and now they are living in a troubled institution known for abuse." Graten-Rutherford begged "loving Gotham families" to save the Breitup children from a "terrible life where they have no loved ones to care for them."

Teen's "Brush" with Destiny

When he was six years old, Benjamin Vincent Hatten baked cookies with his mom. When he was nine, he grilled with his dad. At ten, he took over all culinary duties for the household, and at age 14, he has just won the top prize in the annual Gotham BBQ Cookoff. "I'm proud to have won, but mostly I'm proud of the sauce," Hatten said at a press conference. When asked what his secret was, he replied, "It's two things. One, use a good brush. Two, use good sauce, but don't ask what's in it, 'cause I'm not telling!"

Airport Expansion Ahead of Schedule

Gotham Transportation Chief Dwayne Jeffries Washington announced that construction of the new terminal and runway expansion at Gotham International Airport is ahead of schedule and may be ready for the busy holiday season this December. "I'm thrilled with the progress we're making. I couldn't ask for a better or harder-working group of guys and gals," said Washington. The new terminal features a spacious food court, free wireless Internet access, and expanded waiting rooms. Long in the planning phase, the project had been stalled for years until Washington assembled a coalition of local businessmen, citizens, and city leaders willing to compromise on a series of difficult issues that had stymied previous attempts to refurbish the aging airport.

Hot Dog Vendors Strike

The hot dog vendors strike enters its third week on Monday with negotiations continuing to go poorly. Prompted by an unprecedented 5% increase in the street vendor tax, labor leaders and city officals have been unable to compromise on the issue. The city insists it needs the additional funds to pay for sidewalk and road damage caused by the carts while vendors insist they can't afford to pay this additional tax. Hot dog vendors say they will strike for as long as it takes to eliminate the tax. Meanwhile, hot dog customers say they are being forced to eat the food of other street vendors, such as churros, tacos, and salted pretzels.