Taxes Must Be Raised

The anti-tax lobby in Gotham City has become so successful that it now poses a thread to our economic well-being. Nobody likes to be taxed. The best tax, some say, is the one that the other guy pays.

But in the long run, we in Gotham will be better off if all of our social, health, and economic needs are properly funded by the city. For this reason, we urge Mayor Garcia to consider raising taxes on the wealthiest sector of Gotham City rather than reduce funding for programs that the more vulnerable depend upon.

There are some who will never agree to raising taxes. But The Gotham Times believes that most citizens would welcome a fair, equitable tax increase that focuses on the wealthiest 10% of Gotham.

Some economists say that a simple 1% payroll tax increase on those marking more than $150,000 a year would completely eliminate the current budget deficit and even allow for a modest increase in crucial police, hospital, and education services.

The alternative is simply too difficult to bear. Gotham City, without a tax increase, is facing brutal cuts in almost every area. Police won't get the funding they need for new officers, major investigations, and a fair increase in pension compensation. Firefighters would noy be able to replace aging equipment. Schoolteachers would continue to face overwhelming class size and puny education budgets. Emergency rooms would continue to close.

Gotham City is facing unprecedented challenges. It has already been weakened by a mob war which wreaked havoc on public safety, an economic slowdown that has fueled middle-class flight, and underfunded schools that are jeopardizing the competitiveness of our next generation. A moderate, properly targeted tax increase might give the city the boost it needs to remain a true world-class city.

Everyone in Gotham depends on a dynamic and just society. And the best society is one that doesn't fear to share wealth with the less fortunate. The Gotham Times urges Mayor Garcia to stand firm against short-sighted opponents of tax increases.