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Emergency Rooms Close as Fear Toxin Cases Rise

Two more emergency rooms will close at the end of the summer, according to Department of Health spokesperson Lorraine Brandeis-Fiegl. These closings — St. Bartholomew and Brockton General — bring the total number of closed emergency rooms to six in the past two years. The cuts in service come at a time when Fear Toxin cases are rising again, said Brandeis-Fiegl. Fear Toxin cases have particularly increased in the drug-addict population, and researchers are looking for the cause.

Exhibit on 1936 World's Fair to Open

The Gotham Historical Society is presenting its first major retrospective of the 1936 Gotham World's Fair. Officially called "A World of Progress," the fair was quickly dubbed "A World of Chaos" by its many detractors. "It's the perfect time for a reevaluation of this monumental exhibit constructed during a period of great transition for Gotham City, a time of great hope and great worry much like our own time," says GHS' museum director Jacqueline Edie Everest. The exhibit, which opens in July, features a recreation of the fair's Honor Court along with original films, interactive exhibits designed for children, and over 1,000 artifacts chosen "to restore a proper perspective to an unfairly criticized part of our city's past."

Man, 94, Completes Gotham Marathon

This year's Gotham City Marathon featured one type of athlete rarely seen at marathons — a 94-year-old man. Samuel Jacob Smolensky took up jogging ten years ago, when the swimming pool near his house closed for repairs. "I can't go without daily exercise, so I started running a little — and now I'm doing marathons!" said Smolensky. A spokesperson for the Marathon said that they attempted to prevent Smolensky from running for fear of his heath, but that Smolensky threatened a lawsuit and they relented. Smolensky's five children, 12 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren cheered him on throughout the race. "I couldn't do it without them," Smolensky said. "They're what keeps me young!"

Pothole Crisis Worsens

A new study reveals that Gotham has more potholes than any American city of comparable size. The Center for Road Science, which conducted the study, used satellite technology to image potholes in the country's ten largest cities. A spokesman for a citizen activist group told The Gotham Times, "We've been trying to get the mayor's attention on this for years. We're facing a pothole crisis and this study proves it." Lead researcher Dennis Larrington was also not surprised. "With its congested roadways, harsh climate, and general bad luck, we all figured that Gotham City would bottom our list."