Gotham Cable News

June 27, 2008

Mayor Garcia Fights for 2016 International Games

Mayor Anthony Garcia's push to bring the 2016 International Games to Gotham may boost his popularity if successful, Gotham politicos told GCN.

"There's nothing that makes cities more proud than snagging the Internationals," said longtime politico Walt DeFabrizio. "If Garcia brings them to Gotham, there's no way he'll be beat if he runs for another term."

Garcia's push to bring the 2016 Internationals to Gotham City switched into overdrive this week. Dozens of International officials toured Gotham in preparation for its initial report.

But Garcia was careful not to let expectations get out of control.

"We still are one of many cities in the running, but the important part is that Gotham City finally is getting its recognition as a world-class city," said Garcia.

Sources told GCN that the mayor is taking advantage of international sympathy for Gotham after last year's terrorist incidents. "There's a natural desire for the world to rally around Gotham, and the Mayor is hoping that has an impact," the source said.

International Games observers say that Gotham City must be considered a long-shot, due to the city's reputation as a hive of crime and corruption.

IGC officials met for three days in closed doors meetings with the mayor before heading out into the city. Busloads of the international bigwigs visited the "mega-stadium" being built near the docks.

"The mayor is pulling out all the stops," DeFabrizio said. "He wants the Internationals as part of his legacy."

The IGC's initial review should be published sometime later next week.