Gotham Cable News

July 3, 2008

One Month After, Dent Keeps Golden Image

Defying the law of political gravity, District Attorney Harvey Dent is still riding high after his dizzying ascent to power in Gotham City.

With crime rates continuing to fall, Dent's standing continues to go up, making him the most popular District Attorney the city has ever had, according to a GCN poll of 319 Gotham adults.

Harvey Dent now has an approval rating of 81% of the public. Over 65% of adults polled said they believe that Harvey Dent will succeed in his efforts to crush organized crime and official corruption.

Dent's sterling reputation comes on the heels of a hotly contested election that hit a tender nerve with Gotham citizens everywhere.

As the city experienced startling levels violence and crime, people are looking for a hero who could help turn things around, said Gotham politico Walt DeFabrizio.

"People need a hero in tough times. Some said Batman was the hero, but he's just too controversial to really play the part," said DeFabrizio. "But Dent seems like the real thing."

Where Batman can only prevent or stop crimes on a small scale, the District Attorney's office has the scope and reach to seek out and prosecute the worst and most complex of criminal activities.

Whatever the reason, Gotham's love affair with Harvey Dent shows no sign of slowing. "Usually, the honeymoon is over by now," said political commentator Fillmore Delaney-Roberts. "But Harvey Dent really knows how to work the media to his advantage. It doesn't hurt that he's also proving to be one heck of a good D.A."

Dent has set forth an ambitious program of rooting out violence, corruption, and mob activity throughout Gotham. If he can retain his golden image, he just may have the political capital to do it all.