Gotham Cable News

June 13, 2008

Source: Dent Plans "All Out War" on Mob

Gangsters, watch out. That's the message from the District Attorney's office.

With a decisive victory strengthening his hand, Harvey Dent is expected to move swiftly against police corruption and mobsters.

A source close to Dent told GCN, "He meant every word he said during the campaign. The man is marshalling a team of the city's best attorneys and investigators to really hammer at the mob and bad cops."

A high-level City Hall official told GCN, "Gotham is in for quite a show. It's going to be all-out war."

Dent has been meeting with police Commissioner Loeb in a series of top-secret meetings at police headquarters. The speculation is that the two are working out a strategy on a blitzkrieg-like assault on mob influence in Gotham.

The City Hall official told GCN that Dent is also planning to go after high-ranking city officials for malfeasance. Allan Cypes, Dent's media manager, told Gotham Tonight's Mike Engel that the defeated district attorney, Roger Garcetti, would be prosecuted for corruption.

"I vow to uphold my campaign promise to end mob violence in Gotham no matter whose toes I step on," Dent said at a City Hall press conference. Others, however, remain skeptical that Dent can achieve his stated goals.

Sergeant Daniel Selverian was prosecuted by Dent but acquitted by the judge hearing his case. "Dent's going to have a lot of trouble getting the police cooperation he needs. He doesn't have very many fans inside the department and he's going to need them to get the job done."

Some fear a wave of violent crime in a mob backlash against any legal assault. But Dent spokeswoman Jeanette Tother dismissed such concerns.

"People shouldn't worry," said Tother. "This is not the 1920's. There won't be Tommy Gun fire coming from moving cars. Harvey Dent's war on crime and corruption is going to make us all more safe."