Gotham Cable News

July 10, 2008

Dent Takes on "Biggest Target Yet" - Maroni

It may be the biggest fight Gotham has ever seen.

In a corner courtroom downtown, Harvey Dent is facing alleged mob boss Sal Maroni in the first major prosecution of Dent's stint as D.A. The high-profile case seeks to link Maroni with systemic corruption within the GPD.

Since taking office, Dent has followed through on campaign promises to target crime in Gotham, but this is the "biggest target yet," according to a statement issued by the D.A's office.

The star witness in the case has turned out to be none other than former District Attorney Roger Garcetti, who turned state's evidence to avoid prosecution in the corruption scandal. Garcetti testified that he received orders from Maroni through Albert Rossi, a mob associate. In gripping testimony, Garcetti laid out a dramatic story of pay-offs, corrupt deals, and midnight meetings. One juror laughed out loud when Garcetti told the court what his codename was among the mob — "Iceman."

Dent plans to put the alleged Garcetti-Maroni intermediary Albert Rossi on the stand. Long known as the owner of Rossi's Deli, Mr. Rossi was most recently in the news when he was arrested along with two other men for harassing voters outside of a polling station on Election Day.

"This is the beginning of the end for corruption in the GPD," Dent said at a morning press conference.

"When the twelve good men and women of the jury find Maroni guilty, they'll have succeeded in chopping off the root of the department's problems. That will be a great day for Gotham and I'm looking forward to having a front row seat."

That moment, if it ever arrives, is still many days away. With the trial just beginning and a list of witnesses that runs into the dozens, the city of Gotham may have to wait several weeks before the case goes out for jury deliberation.